For the past three years, I have gained experience working for Sotheby's International Realty in offices all over the country (Denver, San Francisco, New York). I started as a front desk receptionist and quickly worked my way into the marketing department collaborating with creative directors, global communications managers, and fellow marketing coordinators. 

Working for Monica Vinader as a Trade Coordinator I had the opportunity to gain exposure across all functions of the business. I was able to travel all over the US and hold events in collaborations with Nordstrom to sell and promote our brand. During my duration we were able to launch piercing studios in two locations and grow sales in the US significantly. 

I have headed social media platforms in previous roles and currently mentor freelance clients on how to utilize social media to speak to their brand. Sometimes for fun, I create content for other brands. 

I have enjoyed learning how effective business models impact our success by working in social media, consumer research, digital design and marketing.