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(Or probably the only couple of readers out there…shout out to you mom).

First things first, thanks much for caring enough to even read this far. Continue at your own risk and know that I love yah for being here.

I have recently written several introductions and bios for applications, teachers, peers, tinder (jk…maybe), to impress a certain crowd, but this one is for me, 100% me. So this is what my instagram bio would say if I was allowed more than 20 characters.

I use parenthesis a lot because those are my thoughts that aren’t completely necessary (or relevant) but it’s just what goes on up in the good ole noggin.

I love photography but these days that is a very basic thing. Every girl who wants a decent instagram invests in a quality camera and puts it up on her instagram bio and calls herself a “photographer” so I hate saying that but I honestly, genuinely enjoy taking pics of people I love. (not self-declared models (sorry not sorry, don’t hate me but we can all put on a crop top))