When you are writing a blog post and your computer has no more space (I just can’t delete the first talk I ever gave in church (baby Ellie killin it at the pulpit)) so my computer takes the initiative to DELETE the blog post ughhhh the rage.

THE RAGE that’s what I wanna talk about and then the deep breath that comes after you realize you saved your post to google drive. BLESS UP google drive (brilliant company I am huge fan (Google and Costco they always have your back))

Sometimes life just gives it to yah right in the gut (hate to be negative Nancy) but at least it gives yah something (also hate to be a positive poppy)

Here are my most recent rages and how I managed to bless up in hard times

  1. When you pour the cereal, and realize you are out of milk

So make an egg, milk gives you acne anyway

2. When you should’ve invited someone to a party but didn’t because they are sooo weird and you feel bad

This is one of those thing where I get a sick feeling every time I think about it, not sure what to do (should I make him cookies??? maybe a smoothie?? mac and cheese would be the easiest) any advice would be greatly appreciated

3. When you are sitting in the park trying to write and the landscaper is going hard with the weed whacker 5 feet from you

Just be grateful that there are weeds for him to whack, it means that there is good soil (right?? Idk maybe just be mad at this one)

4. When people you don’t even know, act like they are too cool for you

So I was listening to my girl Arden Rose (spunky chick) and she said “don’t blame others for your insecurities”. I do this allllll the time. People are GENERALLY really nice but when I walk up to a group of girls who look like they walked out of a magazine but really it was the gym and are wearing everything in my lululemon shopping bag. I immediately feel nervous and totally insecure, but that’s my issue. Be yourself, screw rude people, be confident in target leggings and move on

5. When you are driving in your (well loved) Toyota Camry and the same model and year pulls up next to you and at first you are like awe “twinners” “car friends” but then you notice they have a huge for sale sign in their front window and they are selling it for dirt cheap

Turn up the music and fillerup with gas. (love yah Minerva)

6. When you live in a town where it feels weird to be single

I will forever 19th wheel with the 18 couples in the park. I am eighteen years old and just fine

7. When you realize that dry shampoo can only help you for so long

Hats are always a great option

8. When you are in the drive through for a desperately needed 44oz dr. pepper and realize you don’t have your wallet but you are trapped by people who do have their wallet

All you can do is flirt with the guy working and hope he gives you it to for free (too bad he was too short)

9. When you aren’t very good at “hipster” music thing (I listen to taylor swift and lords new album) and the first thing he asks on a date is what music do you listen to and you say “Cage the Elephant” (honestly never listened to them) because your cute friend mentioned them one time and thennnn (it gets worse) he plays cage the elephant and then you ask “who sings this???” (sounded like an idiot who only listens to taylor swift)

All you can do is keep lying till he drops you off. (haha why am I doing this, this is awful advice)

10. When you are shopping online and change the filters to match your budget and only three options meet you under $25.00 expectation

BUY SOMETHING. Everyone needs a package once and a while

I am gonna stop now because I am sad and riled up all at the same time.  WOW thanks for reading all of this and making it this far (even you cheaters who just scrolled you are cool too). Paint your nails, read a book, plant a flower, never take ballet, and have a groovy week.

  1. #1 fan
    Aug 24, 2017

    “Baby Ellie killing it at the pulpit” 😂😂 died laughing!! All of this. So good.

    • Ellie Seeley
      Aug 25, 2017