Alright, sorry for no content. I was super struggling with what to write about. So many changes, ideas, words (with punctuation), new places, new shoes (but then no, bc none of them are ethically made (that’s another idea)) and no time, ahhhhhhhhh, so I just haven’t. Nobody likes forced content anyway. (woot, woot for spontaneous posts)

What inspired me to write something, was my cousin, who looked at me and said, “have you written about me yet on your blog?” I lied and said “I am working on it” (sorry Neeley, makin it up to you now). We watched a Netflix movie about a little girl in middle school. Her character is just so bizarre, and oh my-gosh, she is a mess but Jamie is so confident in herself. Jamie just worries about Jamie. There are a lot of fabulous bloggers out there and sometimes it can be hard to just worry about So, Hattie, I know you are laughing because I got inspiration for this post from that dumb movie but it happened.

So this is an update on Ellie (sorry if this bores you, its not really for you)

I moved to Denver for an internship working for my Uncle, after graduating from BYUI with my Associates in General studies. I am working for Sotheby’s International Realty (I say that probs 79 times a day answering phones). Being the nicest Uncle and best Aunt that ever lived (bless their hearts) they let me stay in their home (she makes dinner for me too) and all I have to do is occasionally watch their kids on the weekends??? Are you serious?? Watch your kids (my bffs) while you not only employ me but also take me in??? Cool people!

Here are the runts:

Hattie just started her freshman year (ugh, the drama freshman year is Unbelievable!) (and Chad my brotha, Hattie likes boys who go to church, do yourself a favor). She is my fellow tennis player and Lululemon lover. I love taking her to the stake dances, my car is the best place to get pumped. She has THE most genuine and artistic soul. We come up with craziest activities and have the same taste in books (picture books all the way my friend). YOU ARE GOING PLACES KIDDO and I would totally do business with you.

Neeley, (she is 12) thinks that my writing about her on this blog is going to make her famous. LOL, Neeley darling, you are gonna do that by all by yourself. Neeley is a cross-county runner (8 miles a day, sweating just thinking about it) and she is currently training me for a 5k next week, good lord help us all. And she wanted me to add that she is a “VERY successful” competitive swimmer with eyelashes as long as the eye can see. She is a crafty little sucker and makes the yummiest desserts (very handy to have around on a Sunday afternoon). She also has the wackiest silly faces and basically owns snap-chat. Goofy one, I tell yah.

And West is in 3th grade and he is my buddy (whether he likes to admit it or not), we talk about things like baseball, football, which Disney princess we think is the dumbest and about how cool Chandlers tree house is. He is a pretty smart kid considering the fact that he hid my keys and forgot where they were. Blonde babe with blue eyes that just go right through your soul when he asks for a spoon of Nutella or a later bedtime. Gets me every time.

BEST KIDS AROUND, I am tellin yah. Our late night talks about future outfits (slowly but surely learning that ruffles are FAB and “too fancy” is not a thing), and how you need to let go of things that aren’t inspiring you, how to cut back on time spent on instagram (Neeley suggests putting your phone in the blender), we discuss things like why Chad wasn’t at church, and how to avoid eye contact with Mom when its wayyy past bedtime and that even though you suck at something doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy it. If you would like to join these conversations, they take place at 8:30 and anyone is welcome. I am going to look back on this experience with these awesome kids in this cool city and say, “yah that was awesome!”

I love the city, a big freaking capital OMG, I love the city!! I love that I can go to Target and not see everyone I know. I love that I can drive to J.Crew on my way home from work. I love that I go to the Starbucks across the street from the office and everyone there is fashion inspo. I love that I can go to church on Sunday and only see members once a week (sounds harsh, I don’t mean it like that…ahhh, but I kinda do (call me if you have questions)). I love my commute; it gives me time to listen to podcasts and helps me wake up. I love the office I work in (NO JEANS)! hahaha yesssss. I wear fancy clothes and nobody questions me, they only compliment. I love that on my lunch break I drive around and see old houses selling for 4-5 million dollars (because they are fabulous and original). I love having a 9-6 job at a desk, I can wear heels and still be able to feel my toes, the hours are great, and I never forget what time I have to be there. Very happy as of right now.

When I was in Rexburg and about to leave, ugh, I was so frustrated. I had no clue what I wanted to do after my internship and where I was going in life. No goals or vision, no school to fall back on. Everyone I told about my graduation seemed shocked and kinda disappointed that I was only getting my associates (except for the 40 people that commented on my insta post you guys are the best). Not only my Associates but my Associates in General Studies (Lame I know, trust me, it’s my degree, I know) One of my friends legit said “You could’ve gotten it in anything ANYTHING and you picked General Studies??” At some point, you just have to trust that what you are doing is right for you and move on. Gucci isn’t Gucci because they took advice from Chanel. Right! I am right! I am figuring it out, we allllll good (Or should I say Gucci). Grateful for the most recent changes in my life. Be patient with me, and these blog posts, I am figuring it out. Hang a flower, download the Café Rio app (got a free meal last week, OH YAH), pray for Taylor swift to come out with another album and FIGURE IT OUT.







  1. #1 fan
    Aug 24, 2017

    Man I love this blog! So relatable with a funny twist. You keep doing you girl!!

    • Ellie Seeley
      Aug 25, 2017


    Sep 23, 2017

    I love you Ellie you are amazing

  3. Erica
    Feb 21, 2018

    I know you only think ur mom reads this which she undoubtedly does but I’m v loyal!!! “Gucci isn’t Gucci because it took advice from Chanel!” FRICK YA. My version of that is goodwill to value village unfortunately hahah one day I’ll be as fab as you. Wow am I currently writing a blog post or a friggen comment?! Way too long Erica. Moral is: #1 fan and we’ve only met once in person, so you know it’s real. Ily

    • Ellie Seeley
      Apr 13, 2018

      two months later lol i am the worst! okay but this totally just made my day! You are the best!