So…honestly, I started this blog a couple months ago, low key hoping it would turn it a fashion blog. Searching for inspiration and adding new pieces to my wardrobe is something I have loved since I was offered a shopping trip instead of a birthday party at the age of 9. The way we dress is one of the biggest modes of communication for us human beings. I wrote a huge paper on this subject in like the 6th grade, don’t test me! The life of a fashion blogger is one that only an idiot would turn down. Arielle Charnas had her two-year old in a $575 Gucci dress and I am pretty sure Gucci sent that dress to Arielle as a birthday gift (THE DREAM, amiright?). So, I thought to myself “I could do that! I could have a fashion blog and not go to college!!”, So I did, I created this blog in July. I put on a couple outfits and took pics in them (idk how bloggers do it). I realized several things: First, my dad sucks at taking pictures. Second, it’s hard to take pics when people are around (oooh the stares, they are brutal). Third and the most depressing of all was that most of the pieces I wore were 2-3 years old. (Blair Waldorf would be disgusted) How was I supposed to tell my audience where to get these items? “I got these shorts three years ago at target?” I felt like I needed to go get a whole new closet yesterday! It just wasn’t clicking with me. I love clothes and fashion so much but I just couldn’t figure it out.

I wondered what would it mean to be successful in terms of fashion. At what point would I say, “yep I have made it”. Travel to Europe with Dolce and Gabbana? Get married in the perfect Elie Saab? Maybe one day own several pair of Louboutin!! To walk into Nordstrom and walk out with a couple Kate Spades because yah know, why not?? (disclaimer: if anyone is willing to give me any of the above items I will not turn down the offer) I watch several bloggers on social media make “fashion hauls” and host “try on sessions” of anywhere from 30-100 pieces. I get frustrated at the often repeated “I am obsessed with this” and “I am in love with the way this fits” to never see it worn ever again. Don’t get me wrong, I mean the last thing anyone sent me was a bill, but It kills me when their 4 and 5-year-old kids are ripping packages open only to find the backpack I have been saving for since March. I think there is a big disconnect for people like me.

In 2016 I watched Emma Watson at the Metgala, wearing a 100% sustainable and recycled dress. She said “It wasn’t enough for me anymore that it was a beautiful piece or item. I want to know that it’s not leaving a negative mark”.  The fashion industry is the second biggest pollutant of fresh water on the planet.  There are 4,835 garment factories in Bangladesh with 3.5 million workers. Most of them making around $30 a month. Working conditions are horrendous. Woman are facing sexual harassment and discrimination with no maternity leave and 12-hour work shifts (talk about feminism queen B). Some of you might say what do working conditions in Bangladesh have to do with me?  Why am I being guilt tripped by BECAUSE these factories are in business because we support stores like H&M, ZARA, TOPSHOP, Gap, Adidas and many more!!! Anything for that 2 dollar tee amiright?? NO! I shouldn’t be right, but I am!  Like Emma Watson said “It shouldn’t be enough that its beautiful” there has to be something more, challenge the fashion industry. This is 2017 people! No flying cars or poop free dogs or ethical working conditions… what the heck????

READ THIS ARTICLE they say it better than I do!!!!!