Hauling all of my clothes from city to city was killing my gas milage and my shoes were invading my dance space. I then realized I couldn’t have it all. I cleared out my closet (many of you probs saw me desperately trying to sell my clothes). Ughhh, I basically took bags of money to the DI (it’s fine, we are fine). I didn’t need them, and there is something to be said for a small closet with treasures vs a huge closet filled with crap. These featured items below are ethically and sustainably made. Yes some of them are expensive and way out of my normal price range but I have realized that closets bigger than our kitchens are not necessary and that investing in good staple pieces is way more satisfying.  Less for more, is the answer kiddos not the other way around. Go watch “the true cost” its a Netflix documentary. You will gain so much more respect for these companies! (click to shop items below)

First is PeopleTree.

They are the only company that I have found in which 100% of their products come from organic materials. All of their products are sustainably and ethically made in a way that supports rural communities (its worth it).

Next is Everlane.

Very classy good basics. They are all about transparency. They give their customers information that most companies don’t. With every product Everlane sells they provide pictures and information about the exact factory it came from. They got nothing to hide! They just came out with denim and lemme tell yah its #damngooddenim. (that day heel ugh its beautiful (imagine them with a plaid skirt and purple tights ahhh i just got chills))

MY PERSONAL FAVORITE therefore the most important

Reformation! Ahh its so good! I won’t bore you with the stats but they are so good. Their clothes are even gooder (i know i know correct me)! The only problem is, I am tall and most of their dresses are like shirts (if you are 5’5, you can thank me later). But hey you tall girls don’t be discouraged their swimsuits, tops, and denim weren’t made to disappoint.

some others

Lacausa (grooviest pants you’ve ever seen)

Innika Choo (super bohemian dresses but def an investment)

Christy Dawn (their astrid jumper is worth a trip to their site)



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    Sep 19, 2017

    I’m 5’5. Thank you!!